Two Powerful Resources for Life-Changing Growth

Can we change who we are? Are we stuck with the aptitudes and habits we have today, or can we make fundamental changes? And if change is possible … are we up to the challenge?

It’s funny when you think about it — virtually everyone wants to change. They want to be smarter or richer or better-looking or a combination of all of those. There’s not much market for “you’re great as you are, just enjoy that.”

I’m looking for change as much as anyone. In fact, I’m fascinated by it. This week I found two solid resources for helping us to (respectfully, gently) make the changes we want to make.

In this 17-minute episode, I talk about:

  • An annoying blog post and what it showed me about my own values
  • How “broadening your passions” can boost your creativity
  • A course on learning and mental flexiblity offered by a professor of engineering … who flunked out of high school physics
  • Why traditional productivity advice is so often useless for micropreneurs and side hustlers
  • A successful cartoonist who will help you shape better creative work habits

The Show Notes