Big Changes at ConvertKit: A Discussion with Founder Nathan Barry

ConvertKit founder Nathan Barry dropped by to talk about their platform, their evolution, and why they’ve taken a leap into a brand-new name and identity.

Editorial note: ConvertKit recently announced that they’re going to stay with the name ConvertKit — here’s why.

At Copyblogger, we really like the ConvertKit email solution. In fact, we’re marketing partners for them, and recommend them to anyone looking for a tool that allows powerful segmentation and automation without a ton of resources to implement.

Nathan Barry founded his company to help founders and creators serve their audiences better with email. Along the way, they realized that the name “ConvertKit” was putting the focus on the wrong place. So they decided to change it.

That took two years … and Nathan joined us to talk about some of the lessons learned along the way.

Clarification note: Our audio cut out when Nathan and I were talking about buying the domain for the new brand — he was able to negotiate a significant reduction from the price he mentioned in this podcast. 🙂

In this 20-minute episode, Nathan and I talk about:

  • The road from “ConvertKit” to “Seva”
  • The “paradox of automation,” and how smart automation can help you deliver more value to your audience
  • How Nathan measures his company’s success
  • Finding the balance between “craft” and “commerce”
  • What’s coming next for Seva

The Show Notes