What Nobody Wants to Hear about Content Marketing

The key to marketing success isn’t the latest shiny tactic. It’s making sure that your tactics are resting on solid strategy.

Everyone wants “the magic bullet” that will give them the audience, traffic, and revenue they want. But there is no magic bullet.

Rainmaker Digital’s Robert Bruce rejoins us this week to talk about the “boring” but essential strategic foundations that marketing success is built on.

In this 28-minute episode, Robert and I talk about:

  • Lessons Robert has learned working with clients on their content marketing strategy
  • The real business costs in chasing every “shiny object” that flits along
  • The common problems that keep people from successful content marketing.
  • The “secret” (we’ve talked about it for years) approach to sustainable marketing results
  • Thoughts on how to make the most of your “LBOW”
  • Robert’s one action you can take today that will help you start to build better results

The Show Notes