When Is It Time to Bring in a Professional Copywriter?

Is it better to do all of your own copywriting and content marketing, or to bring in a pro?

We teach so much copywriting technique and strategy at Copyblogger that you might think anyone could “DIY” their own content and copy.

But that ain’t necessarily so. Even if you’re a business owner who loves to write, there are some scenarios in which you definitely will want to bring in a pro.

In this 15-minute episode, I talk about:

  • Why you might not want to “tough it out” if you genuinely don’t like to write
  • Thoughts on how to improve your bandwidth if you do like writing — but don’t have enough hours to get it done.
  • When to bring on specialist writers like conversion copywriters or subject matter experts.
  • Why sometimes you just know too much about your topic to be able to write about it effectively.
  • What to look for in a professional writer to get the results you’re looking for.

The Show Notes