The Simple Publishing Hack That Gives Old Content New Life (Plus 3 More Tips)

Picture this. You have a publishing deadline looming. And you are fresh out of ideas. Your audience, one you’ve built on the back of a predictable publishing schedule, is expecting an article tomorrow morning. What will you do?


Fortunately, we’ve got an answer for you. One that we regularly practice, and one that is explained in a recent Whiteboard Friday video by Rand Fishkin.

And you’ll be surprised how simple it is to implement, too.

Plus, we’ve got more content marketing news and advice to share in this episode of The Lede … an episode that begins a new era of The Lede.

Listen now to find out what we mean.

Plus, in this 26-minute episode you’ll discover:

  • What is republishing and why does Google love it?
  • The exact steps Copyblogger takes to republish old articles
  • Why viral content is not a long-term strategy
  • How to handle a sudden and massive burst of attention
  • The podcast land grab is over — now what?
  • A classic example of digital sharecropping ruining your business plan
  • You are probably making this mistake when it comes to your social media plan (which plays right into these companies hands)


The Show Notes