7 Ways to Get Smarter with Social Media Listening

If you want to get smarter and more successful, you need to hone this skill: Listen.


Listening isn’t just about hearing words; it’s also about listening to the tone, speed, and volume of the voice. What is being said? Anything not being said? What hidden messages below the surface exist? — Travis Bradberry, Entrepreneur.com

We use social media for all kinds of things — broadcasting our message, building our audience, and just goofing off.

But social media is an incredible platform for strategic listening — and that makes us a lot smarter about our market and our topic.

In this 20-minute episode, I talk about some of my favorite ways to use social media as a tool for listening.

  • Simple, cheap ways to find out what potential customers really think about your topic (or your company)
  • My favorite market research (and confidence-boosting) method
  • Social listening and customer support
  • Improving your connections and relationships
  • Listening for celebration and high-fives for your community


The Show Notes