The Clarity Method: A Conversation with Tim Brownson

Tim Brownson talks about how we can use our values to design our businesses and make wiser decisions.

Tim Brownson has been coaching (and teaching coaches) for decades. In that time he discovered that working with clients’ values is one of the most useful tools for change.

His new book, The Clarity Method, explains his process for uncovering the values that matter most to you, and how that knowledge can help you in virtually any aspect of your life.

In this episode, Tim and I talked about:

  • Some of the ways values can drive motivation and behavior
  • Whether “safety and security” are a true value, or another factor
  • The role of risk-taking in business
  • The problem both Tim and I have with the “Law of Attraction”
  • A giveaway for Tim’s book!

Leave us a comment below (ideally mentioning some of the values that matter to you) for a chance to win a copy of Tim’s book! U.S. residents can choose between a physical or Kindle option.

The Show Notes