How Smart, Nimble Companies Are Using Webinars Today

Copywriter and webinar strategist Beth Hayden talks about some of the most effective ways companies are using webinars.

Some people feel that webinars seem a bit old-fashioned. But there are a lot of fresh, effective ways that smart companies are using webinars for lead generation, prospect maturation, and customer retention … as well as getting the sale.

In this 27-minute Episode, Beth and I talked about:

  • How smart companies are using webinars to drive business results
  • Ways to use webinars other than sales presentations (although those are great, too)
  • Recommendations on specific platforms and their benefits
  • Some do’s and don’ts for your own webinars

The Show Notes

  • The best place to connect with Beth is her website at
  • You can also catch up with her at
  • Beth has written a lot of terrific articles for us, including many on webinar strategy. Find her complete Copyblogger archive here: Beth Hayden on Copyblogger
  • At Copyblogger Media, we use GoToWebinar for our educational and marketing webinars
  • Another option is StealthSeminar, particularly if you hold evergreen webinars
  • BigMarker is a webinar platform that doesn’t require users to download anything
  • For a simple way to get started with webinars, Beth recommends Zoom (which I like, as well)
  • We mentioned YNAB as an example of a cool company using webinars for customer onboarding
  • Here’s a classic Seth Godin post on bad PowerPoint — for lessons on how to create a compelling visual deck for your webinars
  • Another good resource for webinar slide design is Beyond Bullet Points