What’s Next for Copyblogger Media?

In this episode, Brian Clark hosts the Copyblogger FM podcast for the first time, and reveals — among other things — why he’s returning to Copyblogger and aiming to reinvent it along with new partner Darrell Vesterfelt.

Brian shares some exciting news about the future of Copyblogger Media, along with his co-host and new business partner Darrell Vesterfelt. Listen in to hear about exciting things to come.

In this episode Brian and Darrell discuss:

  • How and why Darrell joined Copyblogger Media
  • Darrell’s storied history as a digital marketer
  • The past, present, and future of content marketing
  • Exciting changes in store for Copyblogger, and Brian’s return
  • Darrell’s vision for an on-demand, educational content strategy

The Show Notes