Ask Us Anything (LinkedIn Edition), Part One

Jabez LeBret answers your burning questions about all things LinkedIn …

You asked and The Missing Link delivers … today, Mica shares your questions with Jabez LeBret, and he goes in depth to answer each one (so much so, we had to add a part two!).

You’ll get answers about small budget options for LinkedIn, retargeting tactics, what part of your sales funnel to promote on LinkedIn, how to take advantage of other audiences, LinkedIn analytics, duplicate content, how to create your narrative for your LinkedIn profile, and much more.

In this informative episode, you’ll get answers to questions like …

  • My clients have small marketing budgets, what’s their best strategy for advertising on LinkedIn?
  • What should I do with the LinkedIn analytics available to me (doesn’t seem like much is there)?
  • Do I post on my site first or on LinkedIn?
  • How do I make my profile less like a CV and more like a narrative?
  • What is the sales funnel and what part of my funnel is best to promote on LinkedIn?
  • And much, much more.
  • The Show Notes