(OK, Just One More Episode) 3 Pillars to Building Influence & Establishing a Brand

This week Jabez interviews The LinkedIn Lady, Carol McManus, host of the weekly business live radio show on ABRN.

Carol shares with us the three pillars to building influence and establishing a successful brand.

We dive into the power of speaking, how to create brand building content, and how a book can change your business.

For tips on writing a book quickly revisit this popular episode where Jabez shares his strategy for creating a 230-page book in eight hours.

In this show you’ll learn:

  • What you need to revisit on your LinkedIn profile
  • How to start speaking and start getting paid to speak
  • Using a book to drive your brand, speaking engagements, and sales
  • What and where to publish content
  • Getting out of LinkedIn and reaching your audience

The Show Notes