So Jesus and Wolverine Login to LinkedIn …

Demian Farnworth and Jerod Morris join The Missing Link for some real-time fun and expertise about content syndication on LinkedIn.

Mica and I welcome two of our favorite people from Rainmaker Digital (Copyblogger), Demian Farnworth and Jerod Morris. These excellent writers and content marketers share the ins and outs of content syndication and some real-time tricks of the trade to getting it done right on LinkedIn.

Learn from their experiences and definitely check out Gregory Ciotti’s 30-day experience going from 0 – 255,262 article views on LinkedIn. This is amazing information you can read, understand, and learn from right now.

Join us as we learn best practices for content syndication and how you’ll want to up your game right now.

Listen in to understand …

  • Why consistency is so important
  • What you can learn from Gregory Ciotti (incredible)
  • The advantages of short articles
  • Why you want to say a big Yes to re-syndication
  • More expert writing tips
  • One little known trick to writing catchy headlines

The Show Notes