Why (and How) Selling Ourselves Makes a Difference, with Matthew Kimberley

Speaker, coach, and author Matthew Kimberley of ‘How to Get a Grip’ talks about selling, marketing, and the critical importance of speaking your audience’s language.

Why do so many small business owners struggle with sales? I’ve invited my good friend and fellow Brit Matthew Kimberley to share his thoughts on the subject in today’s podcast.

Matthew is a masterful salesman, a renowned author of the self-help book How to Get a Grip and the head of the Book Yourself Solid coaches training program.

On this show Matthew shares his candid and often hilarious anecdotes on how to be more confident when making a sales pitch (and why it matters), two ways to build your sales muscle and whether sales people are born or are made.

There’s a lot of deep and beneficial insights from Matthew and I on this episode of The Youpreneur FM Podcast so sit back, grab your favorite beverage and listen in!

Essential Learning Points From This Episode:

  • Why we must understand our audience.
  • When do people need to be told what to do?
  • Where do 90% of business problems stem from?
  • Why repetition is so important to being great at sales.
  • What is Kimberley’s kid’s kidney concept and how does it help sales?
  • Much, much more!

Important Links & Mentions From This Episode: