How to Convert Your Podcast Listeners Into Email Subscribers, with Tim Paige

What are you doing to get your podcast audience onto your email list? If you haven’t got an answer to that, our guest Tim Paige talks about how to convert your listeners to subscribers, and much more.

The money is in the list. How many times have you heard that before? Countless I’m sure. But how do you move your listeners of your podcast over to your list? Are there effective ways of doing so?

Our guest for this episode of Youpreneur FM answers those questions, all while entertaining you with a voice that could make Wolverine purr! It’s none other than Mr. Tim Paige.

Tim is best known for his work at LeadPages and recently he’s been focusing on helping podcasters convert their listeners into email subscribers. Today we chat about the catalyst for this latest project, his favorite types of content upgrades and what works best for converting your listeners.

In this 40 minute episode Tim Paige and I discuss:

  • What is Tim’s favorite way to turn a listener into a customer?
  • What are content upgrades, and which are the most effective?
  • What are some mistakes people make with their content upgrades?
  • Can you sell directly from your podcast?
  • What do I believe is our responsibility as marketers and influencers?

The Show Notes