5 Things You Should Never Do on LinkedIn

It’s high time we share these five important things you should never do on LinkedIn. We finish up this episode with one thing in particular that you’ll want to start today …

Jabez LeBret and Mica Gadhia bring you five LinkedIn practices you should stop doing right now. Seriously!

What not to do is often more important than what you should be doing. Listen in because this show could be a social media life-saver for you.

Do you send the automatic connection message through LinkedIn when reaching out to someone new? No, you definitely should not do that. What about automatic replies, do you use them or not?

We’ll also teach you the best practices along the way so instead of making these five errors, you’ll be working smarter to create the connections and business partnerships you’re looking to gain.

In this episode Jabez LeBret and Mica Gadhia share …

  • Five things you should never do on LinkedIn
  • A few great reasons you should join our Missing Link LinkedIn Group right now!
  • How to keep the “generic” out of your communications
  • New insight on republishing to the Pulse Network (intriguing!)
  • A great tip for your next 30 days on LinkedIn

The Show Notes