How to Create Legendary Content That Builds Your Business

“Storytelling” and “empathy” have become business buzzwords, which is either hilarious or sad depending on your perspective. These two words, however, are at the root of what it means to be a human being.

And yes, these two words are also the key to effective marketing of any kind. When you add in a strongly integrated mix of content and the right products and services, you’ve got an amazing business.

Bryan Eisenberg joins us today to discuss the principles from his book Buyer Legends (co-written with his brother Jeffrey Eisenberg and Anthony Garcia). In short, we’re talking about stories told from the point of view of your customers; because your brand isn’t what you say it is … it’s what your customers say it is.

In this 33-minute episode Bryan Eisenberg and I discuss:

  • Why you’re telling a story whether you’re trying to or not
  • How the 80/20 Rule applies to your online marketing
  • Why understanding the buyer’s journey is critical
  • How to switch to your customer’s perspective
  • Why you need to combine art and data to succeed

The Show Notes