Can Social Media Drive Sales, or Is It a Waste of Time?

Many online marketers are frustrated with social media as a sales driver. But if you approach it the correct way, it can have huge impact.

For many online marketers, social media is a great way to engage with customers. However, when it comes to driving tangible financial results, it can often fall short.

But before you dismiss social media as nothing more than just a function of sales support, realize that social media can be instrumental in driving revenue; if you approach it the right way.

In this 23 minute episode, Sean Jackson interviews Katy Katz from Marketing Refresh to discuss the current state of social media, including …

  • Why the promise of social media as a sales driver has failed
  • The true ways to measure social media’s impact to the bottom line
  • The right way to think about social media as a part of your online marketing mix
  • And the key metrics you need to create to align your efforts for real financial results

The Show Notes