Get 10 Content Marketing Boosters in 20 Minutes

“Document your content marketing strategy” can sound about as exciting as “buy new socks.”

Improving your content marketing strategy might not feel like the most fun thing you’ll do this week, but if you want all of that content to actually help meet your business goals, it’s an important place to put your focus.

It can be helpful to break your strategy sessions into manageable chunks. In this 19-minute episode, I go over 10 important elements that will boost your content marketing success.

For your reference, here’s the overview:

  1. Develop a solid understanding of your “Who”
  2. Start to explore your business’s “big idea”
  3. Identify 3-5 supporting “cornerstone” ideas
  4. Uncover the paths to purchase
  5. Design cornerstone content
  6. Use different content for different purposes
  7. Sketch out sequences and funnels
  8. Uncover opportunities for repurposing
  9. Craft smooth transitions from content to conversion
  10. Tailor your marketing strategies to your own unique experience

The Show Notes