How to Write an Epic Blog Post, Part 2: Getting It Written

Part two of our series: How to write an epic blog post or other piece of remarkable content.

OK, you’ve assembled a pile of research and done some careful thinking, and now it’s time to write.

Now what?

You may have heard the advice to “tell them what you’re going to say, then say it, then tell them what you said.”

Let’s face it, that’s not much help. (And probably a recipe for a post that’s less than exciting.)

In this 27-minute episode, I get a lot more specific about what goes into a really good blog post or other piece of content. I talk about:

  • Why it’s so important to narrow your topic to one big idea — and what, specifically, that entails
  • Strategies for creating a powerful first impression that draws a reader in
  • The one technique you should never use to grab audience attention
  • How to organize the “meaty middle” and make it epic
  • Wrapping your post up with a stirring conclusion that moves your audience to action

The Show Notes